Saturday, January 24, 2009

Yesterday... not bad

Sis went to work, came home, talked to her cat (who was out among 'the living' all day), and went to her room. Not sure what's going on but i presume she is continuing to get ready for departure. i will NOT allow myself to feel like the bad guy here. i'm not sure there even IS a bad guy in this fiasco!

i went downstairs to see if anything is changing there. She has stuff down there just sitting around, already dusty and getting dustier, on a flat surface. Until yesterday, for the past several months, there was also trash... lots of trash... just sitting near the door looking ugly. (Perhaps she was waiting for me to take it out?) Yesterday there was a shiny new box of heavy duty trash bags and two all tied up. Not sure if she knows what day is 'garbage day' even though she actually took some to the road last Tuesday... remember?

i went into the 'rummage sale room' and noticed she has removed her stuff from that room. God forbid i should get rich on her junk! Noticed i had rummage stuff in boxes with her name on them - from her move here. I transferred stuff to 'new' boxes that i obtained recently... and put her boxes near her stuff. i suppose that's another 'hint' in her mind???

Today she is gone... perhaps at work? i don't know but departure time was right for it. i will not bend; i will not give in. i am strong, remember? i am NOT a doormat!

Did i mention that the windy weather blew kitchen door open last night? It's not the first time since she moved in that has happened. i closed it and locked it and she probably thinks i locked the door as a 'hint' too???? See what i mean?

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