Friday, January 23, 2009

i DID it... i DID it!!! ooooo!oooooo!OOOOOOO!!! happy dance!

...i just today purchased a really really inexpensive very cute little laptop!!! Well, i ordered it so i don't have it yet... but will probably have it before my HP laptop is back from the shop!

Yeah yeah yeah...... i did it because i want to. Been thinking about another 'puter since the 'old' HP first went to the shop! The 'old' one is almost 2 years old but started going batty shortly after the first year was up. Glad i bought extended warranty with this one cuz it turned out to be 'lemon of the year.' Had 2 notices to fix it myself... from email so far, and first time i took it in after notice... it had not 1 but TWO burned out harddrives!!! 2nd time it was 'locking up' but BestBuy couldn't duplicate the problem in store, so i got it back - AFTER it sat in the store for 2 weeks or more... NOW it's making a very loud noise!!! Geek squad is very kind... but said it has to go in. Said it takes HP techs to determine lemon status, so who knows???

Meanwhile, ol' sherl sits at home with the trusty old HP desk version, but it is so-o-o-o-o-o slow! Ordered the new laptop from Comp USA... it just might be my new favorite store!

My 'old' laptop is pretty much top of the line for that year, 17" screen, etc.; the new one is smaller but 'big' in features! Delivery was cheap and should arrive 3-7 days from now. Will probably have it to play with before my HP comes home.

The brand? Acer
... and the OS is..... Windows XP!!!!
Oh yeah, baby!

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number5 said...

woo hoo for you!!! =)