Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Get This!!!???!!!

Today Sis had a day off. i don't ask questions. She doesn't talk unless i speak first & so i try not to speak. YOU know how hard that is for me!!! lol

She took cat for grooming this am...
This afternoon i asked her if she was going to be home for dinner. She said it depends... she had a 4:00 appointment!

i was gathering trash to get it out to curb for early morning pickup... and the phone rang. i told D#1 i needed a break; it's garbage day; blahblahblah.... and whoosh! Sis was gone!!! Out the door!!!

Neighbor brought paper a short time later... Guess what! He went to Sis' place of employment today and they were CLOSED!!! That's why she didn't go to work. Wow! She sure filled her time in fast eh?

Okay... new plan..... D#1 is willing to organize the family get-together for a mass removal of this unhelpful, disgruntled, no longer welcome... relative! i just want it to be pleasant weather cuz i don't want her adult kids tracking in and out of my house with all that snow!

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sherle said...

p.s. Jack volunteered to take out garbage. i told him... just the heaviest can. i'm saving some of the job for her!!!!