Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Life IS good...

...even though sometimes situations are not so good. i grew up trying to find a pony in the room full of horse manure! It's usually there... you just have to know it... and look for it! As a kid, there was a lot of manure and it was a small room.

i finally got out of that room when i met and married Mr. Right. During the ensuing fifty years, he pampered me with encouragement and praise. In his wisdom he provided me with self confidence and a strong feeling of personal worth.

Then he went and died on me... suddenly and with little warning. During his memorial service, his best friend said... '..Frank's job was to make Shirley look good.'

i've been looking for that pony again. i just think i found it and another pile of manure emerges. i refuse to quit looking. i KNOW there's a pony in here somewhere!

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