Saturday, January 17, 2009

Not late, early!

I smelled cigarette smoke in the house. The only rule i ever gave her was 'no smoking in the house.' Smelled like coming from downstairs so i said, 'smells like somebody's smoking down there.' and went back & sat down in the living room. Heard her voice from bedroom, laugh & say to somebody (on phone i presume) 'i was in the laundry room.' LIE!

Fresh smoke smells different than the usual stale smell she carries.

Cooked myself a burger around 6:30 & finished off the leftover pasta i made yesterday. i'm really sick & tired of having another body in the house. It's like having a big beligerent child living here, except she does clean her own room & rinses off her dishes for the dishwasher.

As far as other chores, during the six months she's been here, she swept snow off part of the back deck once. She helped me take garbage to the road once (a once/week job.) She brought newspaper in once or maybe twice (?) but always reads it and reminds me she wants me to save the Sunday crossword puzzle for her!!! She cleaned the bathroom once. Hmmm - anything else? Nope!

Now how does this benefit me? I will tell her she must move out when the weather allows. I just can't make her do it sooner..... can i?

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