Monday, January 26, 2009

i Had a Dream Last Night...

..... Sis stopped by my 'place of employment' - a very conservative, quiet place. (...??? i've been retired for 23 years, but yes it was a business atmosphere.) She wore a dress (???!!!) and had her hair in a bun!!!!! (Her hair is extremely short) Everybody was fawning over her... 'so glad to see you...' etc. and totally ignoring poor, hard-working me! Duh! Wonder what that could mean?

  • the woman has two faces (at least) - her 'public' face and her 'private, at ease' face.
  • she does nothing to help around here, but likes to accept praises for how 'good' it is for me to have her here.
  • she gets along with her peers at work.
  • yesterday after i had my dinner, she took a phone call and continued gabbing while cooking her dinner, during her meal (at the table, talking loudly and cheerfully), after her dinner while she donned her coat & went outdoors for the after dinner smoke, and into the other living room where she was watching tv before and after dinner.
  • i have never heard her so cheerful and talkative!!!! Not EVER!!!
  • they were talking about *work and the people there and cutting them all down.

Now i know why we have nothing in common.

Update: Yesterday she asked me how soon she has to move... that her son is remodeling a place right now for his employer (who rents houses & apartments) and it should be ready in about a month. i told her a month is fine. i suppose she hopes i'll change my mind again.....

I Will NOT change my mind. See the motto top right column? It is my motivational mantra. i will put it on all my active blogs until she actually moves out! Motto is no longer there, but here it is for posterity:

Reminder to Self
*i am beautiful! *i am talented! *i am intelligent! *i am wise! i am versatile! i am flexible! i am NOT a doormat!!!*It took almost 50
years of marriage to a good man to begin believing these things. i will NOT go back to dumb, ugly, and useless!

I no longer care. My other motto - 'you gets what you gives.'

*i guess you need something to hang on to when your own job is sorting giant bins of discards. It's a big decision-making job. She has to decide what to throw away and hang the 'good' and the clean stuff for resale in the store part of her place of employment.

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